Wedding FAQs

May we have our ceremony at Silver Spring?
Yes, we are delighted to host your ceremony. Additional fees apply.

May I hire an outside catering service?
All food and beverage at Silver Spring is to be provided by our skilled and creative catering team. Please note that our liquor license requires that we provide all alcoholic beverages.

Can I have a tasting?
Of course! We want you to sample the delicious offerings from our catering team. You can set this up with your wedding coordinator.

Where may our photographer stage photo sessions?
The views at Silver Spring are unparalleled and we have a number of excellent locations for beautiful and memorable photographs. Please coordinate photography locations with your wedding coordinator prior to the wedding date.

Do you have food options for children?
Silver Spring is family friendly with numerous options for children.

How many hours is the reception?
A reception lasts for seven hours.

Can you recommend preferred vendors for other wedding services like photography, hotel accommodations, flowers, etc.?
Silver Spring has the opportunity to work with many great wedding vendors. Please ask our Event Manager for recommendations if you need help deciding on a vendor or service.

Do you have an outdoor reception area?
Yes, Our Roof Top Patio is perfect for ceremonies up to 150 guests and receptions up to 70 guests. It offers panoramic views of the beautiful Wisconsin countryside and our Island Golf Course.

Can my dog participate in our event?
Silver Spring loves pets, but we need to balance that love with the health of our guests and health codes. Event clients may bring a dog for outdoor photos. With the exception of service dogs, pets are not permitted in the buildings. Clients are responsible for damage or clean up resulting from animals at their event.

Can we bring in our own liquor?
Our liquor license will not allow you to supply your own liquor. However if there is a particular beer, wine or liquor you desire, we will work with our suppliers to accommodate your request. (Additional fees apply)

Does Silver Spring allow wish lanterns to be launched from a wedding reception?
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate wish lanterns for safety reasons relative to the golf course and surrounding neighbors and vehicles.

Is that a lighthouse in your logo?
Across our parking lot is a historic silo dating back to the days when Silver Spring was still a farm. While the interior is not open, the silo is a popular backdrop for photos, especially wedding parties.